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SCORE’s Wednesday Workshop on February 7, 2007: Internet Marketing

February 13, 2007

By Lisa Tolliver

Every Wednesday afternoon, SCORE Westchester hosts free workshops on various aspects of starting, financing and running a small business. The workshops convene from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM, Eastern Time at 120 Bloomingdale Road in White Plains, NY (the Department of Labor Building) on the second floor. There’s no need to register in advance, although one could, conveniently, schedule a free counseling session beforehand. (More about that, below.)

The February 7, 2007 Wednesday Workshop addressed Internet marketing. The instructors, Jim Barnett (who helped launch a wildly successful online business that sells designer fashions at cut-rate prices) and Herb Stanger (who manages the chapter website at, are both Internet gurus and seasoned SCORE counselors.

The web-savviness of the 20-or-so workshop participants ranged from inexperienced to expert, which made for some interesting exchanges. Attendees received, in addition to the instruction and discussion, informative handouts about Internet marketing and blogging.

The workshop participants, and others reading this post, might also benefit from the Internet Marketing and eBusiness resources available at, and Online Business 101.

SCORE counseling sessions are free and convenient. Face-to-face sessions can be held at a SCORE location or client’s place of business (SCORE Westchester makes “house calls”!). Clients can also receive counseling via telephone or email. To schedule an appointment, clients may phone the SCORE Westchester office at (914) 948-3907. Clients who need advice from counselors with a particular expertise may use the “Find a SCORE Counselor” tool at

SCORE clients, who would like to share their stories, are also welcome to apply to be interviewed on the SCORE Chapter 306 radio show on New York Radio WVOX 1460 AM. The program schedule is posted at

Hear and Share in the Chapter 306 Radio Show

February 3, 2007

By Lisa Tolliver

SCORE Chapter 306 (a.k.a. SCORE Westchester) broadcasts a talk show on New York Radio WVOX 1460 AM and The show, which is hosted on a rotating basis by a volunteer team of SCORE counselors, features interviews with chapter clients, subject matter experts and purveyors of resources that are relevant to small business owners.

You may visit the programming page to view our broadcast schedule.

Please contact us to suggest story ideas and provide feedback on our show.

SCORE Radio’s next guest is a knockout: boxing champion-turned-entrepreneur, Doug (“the Cobra”) DeWitt

February 2, 2007

By Lisa Tolliver

It’s going down! “It” is the Valentine’s Day match of 2007.

In one corner will be: three-time middleweight boxing world champion/trainer/actor Doug (“the Cobra”) DeWitt. In the other: SCORE Chapter 306 counselor, Chuck Auerbach. The men will face off across mics, not mats.

The venue: New York radio WVOX 1460 AM, not a ring. The time: 11:30 AM to high noon, Eastern.

For some, going rounds with the Cobra has been a challenge, if not a TKO. But this is a sweetheart of a match that Chuck (a heavy-hitter with SCORE Westchester) can handle. You see, Chuck will be interviewing Doug about the prizefighter’s “boxer’s workout” training program.

Here’s how Wikipedia\Doug_Dewitt describes the boxer’s business, Doug DeWitt’s Boxing Studio:

He offers extensive work on speed bag, heavy bag, and wall bag. The focus is to improve hand speed, coordination, and strength. Technique, punch combinations, and defensive movements are taught one-on-one with hand pad contact.

Incorporated into the training is an intensive cardio workout with jump rope repetition, lightweight training, and use of the medicine ball. Footwork and ring movement are also taught.

Class format is specifically designed to be a “boxer’s workout.” The training for both men and women is modified to each individual’s capabilities.

Among those trained [have been]: Doug LaBassa, Anthony Scagleone, Tim Herlihy, John Norrison, Julien LaScala, [and] Mario Penzarri.

Doug trains both children and adults., describes the children’s classes thusly:

The Ultimate Way To Build Confidence, Self-Esteem, Develop Self-Discipline, Self-Control, and Athletic Skills, While Having Lots of Fun!

DeWitt’s site describes the adult classes as “a complete workout for men and women. […] Classes are offered in a group setting or scheduled one-on-one to accommodate the student’s schedule.”

Come join the fray. Tune your radio to WVOX 1460 AM, listen live online at, or phone the call-in line: (01) 914.636.0110.

The countdown has begun. Let’s get ready to rumble!

Hello world!

February 2, 2007

By Lisa Tolliver

This is our inaugural post at the SCORE Chapter 306 blog. This blog represents the latest expansion of our chapter’s small business education, counseling and outreach services. We have long operated in person (via one-to-one counseling, seminars and events), on air (on WVOX and and online (at Now, we’re operating in the blogosphere. Stay tuned for regular updates.