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SCORE National will honor the 2008 Lou Campanelli Award winner at a ceremony tomorrow in Washington, DC

April 23, 2008
April 22, 2008 Christine Banning or Mike Keaton

SCORE Honors Edie Fraser at SCORE’s Afternoon of Vision 2008

Edie FraserWashington, D.C.—SCORE “Counselors to America’s Small Business” presents the Lou Campanelli Award to Edie Fraser, chair of the Diversity Executive Search Practice and managing director of Diversified Search Ray and Berndtson. Fraser, who lives in Washington, D.C., receives this award for her outstanding individual volunteerism, philanthropic contributions and dedication to entrepreneurship and SCORE.The Lou Campanelli Award annually recognizes outstanding individual volunteerism, leadership, vision and philanthropy in support of small business, entrepreneurship and SCORE. Fraser will receive the award at SCORE’s Afternoon of Vision 2008 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, D.C., on April 24. SCORE CEO Ken Yancey and Lou Campanelli will present Edie with the award.

Fraser has supported SCORE since 1997. Her father, Les Fraser, is a SCORE volunteer and leader in Atlanta. SCORE CEO Ken Yancey says, “SCORE honors Edie Fraser for her extraordinary leadership in supporting the success of women and minority entrepreneurs and executives.” Yancey adds, “Her ongoing support of entrepreneurship through SCORE inspires all of us to give our very best to the small business community.”

Edie Fraser says, “SCORE is a cornerstone of what is the best of this country. Small business is the most significant part of our economy across this nation.” Fraser believes, “SCORE is the premiere source of free counseling & advice and a source of loan information for America’s aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Fraser’s extensive background in support of diversity and women spans four decades. She is the founder of Diversity Best Practices and the Business Women’s Network. Fraser has won more than 35 major diversity awards, plus honors from federal government agencies and U.S. states. In 2007, she was picked as one of the Top 50 Pioneers in Diversity by Profiles in Diversity Journal, and one of the top 46 of America’s Top Diversity Advocates by

Fraser has served on the Women’s Business Center of Washington, and she was past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) of the National Capital Area. She has been a partner of Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP), and in 2007, she served as co-chair of the first WIPP Salute to Diversity. Fraser is a member of the Committee of 200. She also serves on many boards and advisory boards.

Since 1964, SCORE “Counselors to America’s Small Business” has assisted more than 7.9 million aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners through counseling and business workshops. More than 10,500 volunteer business counselors in 389 chapters serve their communities through entrepreneur education dedicated to the formation, growth and success of small businesses.

For more information about starting or operating a small business, call 1-800/634-0245 for the SCORE chapter nearest you. Or, visit SCORE on the Web at


For more information, contact SCORE’s public relations manager at 1-800/634-0245 or

The Business of Art: the RAC Marketing Toolbox For Artists

January 22, 2008

If a tree falls in the forest does it create sound? A similar question may occur to creators of artwork for public consumption. That is, if they lack effective marketing plans. 

One free resource to the rescue is The Saint Louis Regional Arts Commission (RAC), which has compiled a Marketing Toolbox for artists.  The useful kit, which features tools for  Media Relations,  Free Marketing Ideas, and Interactive Marketing, offers some simple, yet effective tools for getting seen and heard. You can access them here.

Of course, you can also obtain free, priceless assistance from SCORE: Counselors to America’s Small Business.  Contact SCORE Chapter 306 in Westchester County, New York, or visit to find your local SCORE office, a counselor with specialized expertise, and a treasure chest of self-help resources. ###

SCORE Counselor Lisa Tolliver is also an artist.

On ‘SCORE Radio’: Matador Travel’s Ross Borden explores the world of freelance travel writing

September 11, 2007

matador travel beta logo

Some episodes of SCORE Radio: Counselors to America’s Small Business emulate Star Trek. They go where no SCORE Radio episode has gone before, and take listeners with them. Tomorrow’s show is an example.

  • ITINERARY: Matador Travel’s co-founder, Ross Borden, explores the world of freelance travel writing with call-in guests and yours truly.  [ASIDE: I’m an avid traveler and former Let’s Go! travel guides editor.] 
  • SCHEDULE: Beam us up at 11:30 AM to noon, Eastern Time.
  • DESTINATION/LOGISTICS: Tune to New York Radio WVOX 1460 AM or listen live online at to lend us your ear. Or phone the call-in line  – (01) 914-636-0110 – to hear and share. 
  • WHAT TO BRING: You, just tune in. I’ve packed a bag o’ traveling tunes for the occasion. I invite you to listen, and to share your favorite road songs in the comments here and at Matador Travel.

You may be wondering: “What’s Matador Travel?” and “What’s the connection between small business and travel writing?”  I’m glad you asked.

Matador Travel (tag line: “Connecting Passionate Travelers”) self-describes as a “vibrant community for people interested in travel, music and art, writing and photography, sports, and positive global development.” A review at Vagablogging reveals, Matador “aspires to be the “Craigslist for Travelers.”

In fact, Matador’s new york craigslist>manhattan>writing gigs advertisement inspired tomorrow’s show.

Professional and aspiring TRAVEL WRITERS: Paid assignments

Reply to:
Date: 2007-08-16, 5:36PM EDT

Matador Travel is an online community for travelers and writers. We just launched the Bounty Board–a free resource for both editors and freelance writers. Over the last couple days, professional and aspiring travel writers from across the globe have been taking down up our paid travel writing assignments. There will be new assignments posted every week. Check it out!

Bounty Board


On Matador you can also open a free account and submit a Writer Bio. Some of our users have recently landed big freelance writing and production jobs with funded projects after being discovered on Matador. Check it out.###

Therein lies the connection between small business and travel writing. Hired guns pens can make extra cash, underwrite trips, get exposure, and expand opportunities for themselves and their businesses.

The Bounty Board is one of a boatload of resources Matador Travel offers to freelance writers and other stakeholders, such as NGOs. Moreover, Matador Travel’s scope is rapidly expanding. Tomorrow’s radio show will scoop the latest developments, such the launch of last night’s edition of Traverse Magazine (tag line: Inspiring World Travel).

Come join us.

SCORE Radio features an interview with Lisa Tolliver (SCORE Chapter 306) and Gerd Leonhard (Sonific)

August 7, 2007

Be sure to tune to SCORE Radio tomorrow when I interview Sonific CEO and music futurist, Gerd Leonhard. His books are listed below.

Business owners need not leave the office to benefit from SCORE services or PodCamp City Online

August 2, 2007

No matter how big the payoff might be, many small business owners have little time for off-site training or business counseling. That’s why two innovative resources are worth mentioning:  SCORE House Calls and PodCamp City Online

SCORE House Calls: As Chuck Auerbach describes in “Westchester SCORE expands services,” SCORE Westchester’s House Calls program is a new form of client outreach.  Instead of requiring clients to steal away from work to attend workshops or business counseling sessions, House Calls permits clients to receive valuable business counseling at their places of business.  Other SCORE services clients can receive at work (or at home) include: online training, and email and telephone counseling.

PodCamp City Online: Virtual conferencing – via teleconferences, talk- and text-based chat rooms, distance learning sessions, or all three combined –  is the newest form of New Media meet-up. Consequently, it is not surprising that podcamps – self-described “unconferences” about everything podcasting – would morph from gatherings at tangible brick and mortar conference facilities and shipboards, to  convenings held wholly online.  Posts by SCORE Counselor Lisa  Tolliver, whose online seminar at PodCamp City Online was entitled: “The Power of Podcasting for Performers, Artists, Talk Radio Hosts, and Entrepreneurs,” describe the first virtual podcamp and its benefits.

Recommended small business resources: PC Magazine and

July 22, 2007

PC Magazine and its website, – The Independent Guide to Technology, are treasure troves of trustworthy tech information. Two columns, in particular, are beneficial for small business and home office owners: “Expert Help – Tips, Tools & Solutions for the Internet Age” and “ @ Work – Small Business Center.”

PC Magazine is one of several offerings by Ziff-Davis Media.

On June 27, 2007, Lisa Tolliver and Movers and Shakers, Dario Vaccaro and Patricia Burgess, will discuss the business of dance on ‘SCORE Radio’

June 17, 2007

Welcome to

Caption: Welcome to the Dario Vaccaro Dance Project (courtesy of Dario Vaccaro)


Dancers do it with rhythm, and often in groups. So do choreographers, musicians and composers.

Their performances, often seemingly effortless to spectators, can require months – even years – of training and preparation, not to mention substantial sweat equity and support. Those subjects, and the muses that move dancer/composer Dario Vaccaro and musician/composer/producer Patricia Burgess, will be the focus of the SCORE Radio program I’m hosting on June 27, 2007.

The show will air on New York Radio WVOX 1460 AM and at 11:30 AM – noon, Eastern Time. Listeners can also hear and share via telephone at (01) 914.636.0110.


Dario is one moving dude. His status as Cultural Ambassador of Argentina and other impressive credentials are right in step with the prestigious recognitions earned by his company, the Dario Vaccaro Dance Project.

Patricia deserves to be heard, too. The Founder and Creative Director of Water Moon Arts has received numerous awards and honorable recognitions for her compositions, performances and productions, some of which have been offered in collaboration with Dario. For example, on August 2, 2007 at 6:30 PM, Eastern Time, Patricia will be performing with the Dario Vaccaro Dance Project at Jacob’s Pillow.

I, as “Meet SCORE Counselor Lisa Tolliver” describes, volunteer as a business counselor and talk radio host with SCORE Chapter 306 in Westchester County, New York. In that capacity, I have worked with Dario and Patricia to harness traditional and digital media to promote their work, raise funds and interact with audiences.


Join Dario, Patricia and me on Wednesday, June 27 at 11:30AM – noon, Eastern Time. Here’s how:

  • Tune your radio to WVOX 1460 AM,
  • Listen live online at, or
  • Hear and share via telephone at (01) 914.636.0110.

After the broadcast, a podcast of the show will be accessible at this blog and at Lisa Tolliver On Air and Online.###